New windsurfing movie

Yesterday Paul finished the editing of our latest movie. I filmed nearly all the footage on my canon hv30. The final result is really cool and can be seen here:

We did some of the shots on a home-made rail. There are lots of things to improve to make the image even smoother. But the effect is already very cool. We recorded this at the Westeinderplassen near Aalsmeer in Holland

Hopefully the next movie will be one with more North Sea action!

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Blendercookie snowman contest


Snowman for blendercookie contest

In december 2010 blendercookie organised a 3d contest. The assignment was to create an epic snowman!

I used a particle system to make the snowflakes. The snowmaterial has a few cloud textures and a tweaked subsurfscattering milk preset. I also used a cloud texture to influence the specular data. This makes the nice sparkles in the snow.

As a finishing touch i added the blendercookie logo in the snowball.


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Hello world!

In this new blog I will post some of my work.

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