Citroën ds

This week I decided to try to model a car from 2d blueprints.
I tried to model a SR-71 spy-plane before and got reasonable results. So I tried to model the DS. The Citroën DS is according to some the most beautiful car ever made.
I succeeded in getting the basic shape of the car, but the different shapes and lines in the more detailed design of the car were really difficult to get right. Especially the combination of high and low topology areas have proven to be complex.
Here is the first render of the model. Unfortunately I had not enough time to model the headlights and details of the car properly.

Basic shape of an Citroën DS

Citroën DS basic model rearview

In this render you can see the lighting setup which is used to create the highlights on the car paint. It is a combination of light emitting planes and area lamps (to fill the shadows) along the length of the model. This setup was inspired by the car modelling/rendering tutorial on
Hopefully I can find more time to improve the result, because the car is barely recognisable due to the lacking features. Especially the nose, bonnet, bumper, and convex shapes leading to the headlights make the car recognisable. So I will try to put more work in those items.

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